To Discover, Invest and Grow.

Startup BTC is an attempt to change the climate.

To redefine value growth. For investors who only had a few options to invest.

In any developing ecosystem, the first value creators have a tough job. And many die brutal deaths. Many of them would have survived and thrived had there been a better, more efficient climate.

To make the journey of professional entrepreneurs a little more focused, a little more efficient. Because they are the creators of value; not perceived, but real value. Value not just for themselves, but also for their investors, employees, vendors and almost everyone else associated with them.

To make it easy for private investors and companies to do business with each other. To do more informed investing.

To reduce the risk of investment.

To create responsible companies for long-term value creation.

Startup BTC is creating the market. And a lot more!

To open the world of an exciting new asset class that promises to deliver not 10, 20 or 30% growth but 100, 200, 300% or more.

To make it seamless. So that you can invest and exit effortlessly, and help yourself and the growing companies, again and again. Create a real thriving market - a market that exists to benefit us all.

To engender a market where good companies do not go bust from want of capital. Where companies stay connected, capitalized and focused on creating non-linear value.

If you want to be part of this thriving market, take the first steps in the journey for more...




Looking at potential of Bitcoin, Startup BTC allows all the investors including private individuals, institutional investors, as well as lending firms, to participate in the growth journey of the companies from early stage.