We at Startup BTC believe, and very strongly so, that good Corporate Governance establishes the strong foundations on which large enterprises can be built. We strongly believe that good Corporate Governance pays very rich dividends over a long term.

Therefore we have been working on developing a Governance System for Startup BTC that embodies some of the best global practices in Corporate Governance. Following are some of the first principles that we have been working on establishing:

As it professes active, informed investing, Startup BTC requires companies to provide their mandatory and additional optional information at all times. This primary information forms the basis of a lot of analysis and data-analytics that may help in decision support mechanisms all housed into something that we call the Information Exchange at Startup BTC.

This seamless exchange of transaction and its information across various participants in the financial markets creates an interconnected financial services platform that is much more efficient not just for itself but for all its participants. It, therefore, fosters deeper trust through improved transparency, compliance and best practices in investing.

Startup BTC requires it to hold itself to the highest of process and governance standards to merit beholding the trust of the financial markets, companies and investors in general. It follows a governance framework where the board of the company does not frame rules that the market has to follow. It has a Governing Council that makes market rules. The Governing Council comprises of many leading lights of the ecosystem that Startup BTC serves. No shareholder of Startup BTC is part of the Governing Council.



Looking at potential of Bitcoin, Startup BTC allows all the investors including private individuals, institutional investors, as well as lending firms, to participate in the growth journey of the companies from early stage.