Capital never comes when you are desperate.

Capital has a cost. The current costs are prohibitively high and way too limited (in supply)

Uilding companies is joy. Joining forces, co-building companies is joy.

Sharing your company brings in multi-stakeholders interest, in turn bringing in its own benefits like resilience & strength.

Credibility & Knowledge begets credit, which begets more credibility and credit.

Alue creators and value creation need to be freed to do exactly that. Every other resource must be made available to them Cheaper, Simpler and Easier.

We only grow when our companies grow. Active growing companies as an investment is the only real investment one can make.

Financial ecosystem is broken, twisted and inverted. Needs to be Simplified, Integrated and Straightened one step at a time.

Startup BTC is not a company. It's a movement. As a company it has limitations. As a movement - it doesn't

Access to opportunities and growth (therefore) is most fundamental to democracy (real democracy). In other words, it's a derived fundamental right. (Political freedom cannot be sustained without economic freedom)

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Looking at potential of Bitcoin, Startup BTC allows all the investors including private individuals, institutional investors, as well as lending firms, to participate in the growth journey of the companies from early stage.